The Advantages Of Hiring Wedding Planners

A wedding is one of the happiest days in an individual's life. The food, the music, the guests and the vendors all contribute to the success of the event and in order to ensure that everything comes together as visualised, meticulous planning is required. While there are those that may opt to organise everything by themselves, sometimes, it is advisable to work closely with a personalised wedding planner.

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Who is a wedding planner?

This is an individual or firm that specialises in the design, planning as well as the management of a wedding for a fee. Wedding planners ideally get to understand the couple's vision, budget and timeline and then strive to deliver the ultimate wedding experience given the available resources.  They are especially useful to couples who may not have the time or the patience to organise every aspect of their wedding. 

The benefits of using a wedding planner

The greatest benefit to using a wedding planner is access to their knowledge and experience in and around planning weddings. Having worked with numerous clients, the wedding planner can tap into their knowledge and experience to bring your vision into life. Their experience in the industry also comes in handy when budgeting and scheduling activities since they have accurate figures for different products and services as well as know the estimated timelines required to achieve different activities.

Strong ties

Having worked in the industry for long, the wedding planner has developed strong ties with various players in the industry. By hiring them, you can tap into these ties in order to acquire different products and services from the best suppliers and at affordable rates. This also shortens the vendor identification and hiring process and minimises the chances of receiving low quality products and services.

Fresh ideas

Wedding planners will expose you to new viable ideas for your wedding. Over and above your research, the wedding planner will have brilliant ideas, some of which may not be available on online catalogues and magazines. The ideas may be their own inventions or may have resulted from the combination of different ideas from previous clients. This ultimately ensures that your wedding is unique.

Saves you time

For couples who have limited time to organise and plan their wedding, wedding planners will take care of all the prerequisite activities: identification of vendors, identification of venue, contract negotiations, discussions with vendors on what is expected of them, ensuring that all activities, products and services are within budget and timeline and even ensuring that the actual wedding day is a success.  

There are different types of wedding planners including personalised wedding planners, full-time wedding planners, part-time wedding planners and month-of coordinators. If there are aspects of the wedding planning process that you had rather handle personally, you can hire a part time or month of coordinators to take care of the rest of the planning process. A full-time planner is at you beck and call 24 hours a day and they take care of all the wedding planning details and processes as per your wishes.


The knowledge, skills and experience possessed by wedding planners, their industry connections and brilliant ideas may be what you require to organise your wedding within budget and timeline. This is especially important where you only have a short period of time to organise everything. Why take the chance when you can work with a professional for the most favourable outcome?