It’s been about a week since Punxsutawney Phil burdened us with six more weeks of winter. I like to consider myself an optimist, so I am predicting that good ole Phil has made a horrible mistake with his prediction. Whether I am wrong or right doesn’t matter, because springtime is just around the corner! Spring is not only the best season because my birthday happens to be during this time, but also because it is the season of blooming! Be patient, ladies – gorgeous flowers will be all around us in no time at all! This is especially exciting for spring brides because the flowers of your choice will be readily available and most likely locally grown! Read on for some inspiration for your big day this spring!


These sweet scented flowers are an affordable option for any spring wedding. Primarily in a white or yellow hue, daffodils can complement a rustic wedding theme and will stand out as decoration or in your bouquet. As one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring, daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.


Symbolizing healing, foxgloves bloom early in the summer and are loved by many brides. These bell-shaped blossoms come in many enchanting colors from bright pink to coral or purple. They are odorless but will add a romantic touch to your arrangement.


Freesias are an incredibly fragrant flower. The sweet smelling buds will certainly add a pop of color to your bouquet. To some these flowers are known as “Ballerinas” as they symbolize both innocence and friendship.


Serendipity’s main gal, Casey, will surely agree that peonies make a beautiful wedding bouquet. Her favorite flower embodies romance and prosperity, the perfect symbolism when tying the knot. They have a high petal count, so a few of them will go a long way. They can be both modern and rustic, depending on the decorum of your wedding. Great choice!

Lilly of the Valley

Although they can be a bit pricey, Lily of the Valley can act as filler for your bouquet. Sweetly scented and bell-shaped, these delicate flowers are highly sought after for brides.


Hydrangeas are affordable and come in many hues. They have extravagant blooms and are my favorite flowers! They bloom throughout the summer and into the fall with soft hues in several colors from blue to purple or pink. I love them as centerpieces!


If you’re not a fan of the pastel color palettes, poppies are the flower for you. These richly colored blooms will make a statement in your bouquet.


Classically romantic, the rose is a great option for wedding flowers. They will never go out of style! They can be accompanied by other flowers or by themselves – any way you choose, you can’t go wrong with roses. Commonly known as “repeat bloomers”, roses are available from the beginning of spring through fall.


‘Tis the season of GORGEOUS flowers, so take it all in, and choose what you love. Serendipity is now offering flower arrangements, so consult your wedding planner if you’re not sure which direction to go in!! Flowers have made me happy since I was a little girl, no matter the kind. I hope my guide was able to inspire you for your big day, so you can be a giddy schoolgirl, too!

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