Serendipity's Charity: Graceful Gifts


Serendipity Wedding Services is excited to announce the launch of our new charitable program, Graceful Gifts!


At Serendipity, we believe the season of giving is every season! Spread your love for fashion by donating to our cause! Every girl will find herself in need of a gorgeous dress at some point in her life, but not every girl can afford one. Graceful Gifts gives back by donating dresses to the Junior Women’s Club of Loudon. These dresses will not only be going to a good cause, but they will help girls feel beautiful for Prom, Homecoming, or whatever the occasion may be.


We also have teamed up with two local assisted living communities in Loudoun County to donate flower arrangements after your wedding. Many couples after their wedding have no need for so many flower arrangements especially if they are heading out of town for their honeymoon. We simply take them for you and deliver them the day after your wedding. Make the day of a member of your community by giving someone a surprise flower arrangement.


If you wish to be a Graceful Giver, please contact our Charitable Giving Coordinator, Grace Eshelman, for more information.