Casey Wallace

Owner & Lead Wedding Planner


Casey founded Serendipity Wedding Services in 2016. She infuses her high energy, creative personality, and focused management style into each unique wedding and event. With her infectious personality and attention to detail, Casey combines a positive attitude with creativity to blend rich color palettes, effects, and interesting textures with each client’s personal style. She is an expert in organization and efficiency, her keen attention to detail allows for the seamless transition of a customized wedding design to the final production. Her personalized planning experience creates events that couples and guests will be swooning over for years to come.

She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Events Management from George Mason University.

Tucker Brees Wallace

Meet the office pet, I mean office assistant.

Tami Rice

Wedding Planner & Coordinator



Grace Eshelman

Wedding Coordinator


My name is Grace, I’m a professional makeup artist and professional dog trainer who is taking a little break to be a mama and raise my little!

At my own wedding, I allowed my bridesmaids to chose their own dresses, from a collection of my choosing, in hopes that they would be able to use them again! I know that not everyone is able or even wants to do that (hey, no judgment, it’s your day after all!) so that’s why I’ve joined the Serendipity Team to launch our charitable giving program, Graceful Gifts…so many more people can get joy out of your wedding than just the people who attended! Whether it’s your floral arrangements or your dresses, I’m here to help you bring that joy to others! Welcome to Serendipity family!

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