Casey was absolutely wonderful to work with and did an incredible job making our wedding go smoothly and beautifully. She was so down-to-earth and easy to talk through ideas with, always willing to take on any challenge we threw out there—as if it was no problem at all. The day before our wedding it had snowed and made the ground muddy..Casey was ready to grab a shovel from the maintenance man and make sure we would get the outdoor ceremony we always wanted (which we did!) She really is the “up for anything” wedding planner of your dreams. Most importantly, I felt like I had a friend there–just making sure everything was perfect for us–laughing with me when I needed a moment away from the chaos. I felt completely comfortable and at ease with this team and I am forever grateful for Serendipity!

Casey was exactly what we needed for the “day”! She promptly responded to emails, and made suggestions. Kept us on schedule, but was also unruffled when things weren’t exactly on time. She was great!

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