Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!! You’re fabulous and deserve to celebrate that fact! I know that February 14th may not be everyone’s favorite day of the year, but it’s a day for love, whether you’re loving yourself or someone else. Although I get a good laugh out of all of the “single on V Day” memes, there is no reason to spend the evening alone…with a tub of ice cream…and P.S. I Love You playing on a loop. Grab your boo or your best and do something fun today! If you’re not partial to the classic romantic dinner date, then I’ve got some ideas for you!

Try a cooking class!

It’s been said that cooking together will strengthen your relationship. I can speak from experience, because cooking with my man is one of my favorite things to do! Going to a restaurant is nice and all, but creating something together is much more romantic. Not all of us are 5-star chefs, myself included, so a cooking class is a great way to stray from the usual recipes! If you’re single, going to a cooking class with your best friend or by yourself, is still a great experience to widen your horizons. There are many places that offer classes with a variety of international cuisines.

Spa Day!

My Prince Charming, Logan, and I had a spa day this Valentine’s Day, and we had a blast! He got a deluxe pedicure, which included a hot stone massage, and he was in Heaven. It was his first professional pedicures. I do his toes all the time at the house (semi-professional), but this was beyond relaxing for the both of us, especially in the massage chairs. Lots of salons offer complimentary wine, and some even offer private mani/pedis for the two of you. Couples massage, anyone? Salamander Resort and Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Northern Virginia are luxurious to say the least, and you deserve it!

If you’re on a budget, then have an at-home spa day! With some Epsom salt and comfy robes, you two will have a V Day to remember. Single ladies? Treat yourself! Take yourself to the nail salon, or you and your best can do each other’s nails! Everyone loves being pampered.

Adrenaline Junkies?

Logan and I have Escape Room on our list of “Must Do’s”! If you’re not familiar, Escape Rooms are interactive experiences, in which you must solve puzzles to, quite literally, escape the room! There’s a time limit and different levels of difficulty. Most rooms accommodate up to 8 people, so get a group of friends together and see if you have what it takes! Escape rooms are the commodity right now, especially in Virginia, and they seem pretty intense!

Brew Masters?

Going to breweries is a fun way to try the local brews! Some have live music; some have games. Dirt Farm Brewery in Loudoun County is having a Flight and Truffle Night for Valentine’s Day. Dirt Farm has a stunning view of the Blue Ridge Mountains; it’s breathtaking, and the beer is great, too! Try Tart 31 (my FAVE).

Love is in the air today! I hope you’re able to spice things up a bit with some of my ideas! Maybe you’re suffering a broken heart, and I get it. Seeing couples in love today might just be the worst. Well, in a last ditch effort to get every single person out and about on V Day, Hooters is giving all singles 10 free wings with the purchase of 10, and they will even let you shred a picture of your ex! Hey, their wings are good!! There is something for everyone out there. In the words of my main squeezes, the Beatles, “The sun is up. The sky is blue. It is beautiful, and so are you.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

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